Feature lists

K3 Pebblestone

Dependency on Business Central.

As a brand owner, wholesaler or CMT company, you can run your entire business through K3 Pebblestone to maximise efficiency and productivity. The out-of-the-box functionality ensures there is no need for extensive back-end configuration – resulting in a shorter implementation cycle and quicker ROI.  K3 Pebblestone, made to measure and ready to wear.

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K3 Pebblestone PDM

Dependency on K3 Pebblestone

The PDM features support brand-owners who are partly involved in the production of fashion collections while the actual production is handled by a third party. The solution’s Assembly BOM requirement calculation tool allows businesses to seamlessly calculate the materials needed for a collection alongside effortlessly creating purchase orders for said materials. Additionally, K3 Pebblestone’s measurements functionality offers an easy way for all points of measurement to be established in a simple but flexible manner.

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K3 Pebblestone Manufacturing

Dependency on K3 Pebblestone

Dynamics 365 Business Central offers foundational support for manufacturing scenarios; however, K3 Pebblestone provides additional functionality on top of the standard tools to further aid manufacturers in the fashion industry. Since products in fashion often have different colours and sizes, K3 Pebblestone has added a matrix to the core Business Central Manufacturing functionality to support businesses manufacturing multiple item variants.

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K3 Pebblestone Cargo Management

Dependency on K3 Pebblestone

K3 Pebblestone cargo management enable businesses to effortlessly oversee, manage and distribute their cargo to warehouses with simple to use features. Fashion companies can seamlessly access key information about vendors, transport routes, dates and other essential documentation to ensure they have everything needed to operate without hassle.

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K3 Landed Cost

Dependency on Business Central or K3 Pebblestone

K3 Landed Cost is built on top of Dynamics 365 Business Central which K3 Pebblestone expands upon with additionally functionality built specifically for fashion wholesale. Because K3 Landed Cost sits on top K3 Pebblestone, fashion companies can easily make use of the functionality to calculate their landed costs. K3 Landed Cost can be used with just the standard Business Central application as well.

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K3 Pebblestone CSR

Dependency on K3 Pebblestone

K3 Pebblestone’s CSR module provides classifications on all products, raw materials and vendors. Each classification is accompanied by a certificate and other relevant documentation to provide details on an item’s or vendor’s ethical and sustainability history. This ensures fashion and retail businesses have all the information needed to decide on whether to proceed with a product, material or vendor.

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K3 Omnichannel Platform

Dependency on Business Central or K3 Pebblestone

The K3 Omnichannel Platform empowers businesses to leverage incoming data from different suppliers or systems. The process involves identifying the unique data mapping requirements of the business alongside their must-have features before integrating them with APIs.

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K3 Pebblestone mobile WMS connector

Dependency on  K3 Pebblestone and Tasklet Factory

K3 Pebblestone’s mobile WMS connector, based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Tasklet Factory, is specifically built for businesses operating in the fashion and apparel industry. The mobile WMS connector effortlessly supports specific K3 Pebblestone functionalities to help optimise warehouse accuracy, efficiency and processes.

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As we continue to enhance and enrich our solution, our feature list library will continue to grow as well. Be sure to come back here regularly for new feature list updates.