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Overall K3|pebblestone demo

earn more about K3|pebblestone Cloud in this generic demo video. Discover what are some of the functionalities featured within the solution and how these can help fashion and apparel businesses have full insight into their processes.


In this demo video we will explain all the fashion specific features we have add to the Item within K3|pebblestone. From a Multi-dimensional Matrix, Season and Delivery Drop, Compositions, Style and the support for Carry over items.

Items Phases

When creating a collection, the products are going through different phases. The item phases within K3|pebblestone makes it possible to follow the lifecycle of the product, from Design to Closing Sales

Sales Prices

There are various ways to create Sales Prices in K3|pebblestone. Prices based on multi currencies and prices based on the order type of the Sales order.

Sales Ordering

Within fashion there are different way of Sales ordering entry. Presales, Direct and NOOS orders requires different behaviors, K3|pebbelstone support these different ways of order entries

Presales Plan

The K3|pebblestone Presales Plan is the dashboard to support the complete presale process. From gathering the presales sales orders, making replacement and cancellation decisions up to the creation of the Purchase orders and closing the season. All managed from one dashboard which shows updated information and allows the wholesaler to make the accurate decisions.

Cancellations & Replacements

Within K3|pebblestone Presales Plan we have advanced functionality to manage the replacements and cancellations in an efficient way. K3|pebblestone searches for all the Sales orders that contain the relevant replacement or cancelled items. Actions can be set up to adjust the Sales orders, by cancelling the items or replacing the items with similar items, in an automated way.

Purchase Order Creation

When all the Presales orders are placed and the Cancellations and Replacements are done, you can create the Purchase Orders within the Presales Plan. NOOS items can be part of the Presales buying process and delivered together with the Season products.

End of Season Cancellations

Through the Presales plan we create a selection of the items and by pressing the button End of Season Calculation the worksheet generating all the outstanding items on the Sales Orders in K3|pebblestone. By clicking on Carry Out Cancellation the outstanding quantity will be post as a difference.

Item Supply Planning

When the Purchase orders are due the wholesaler needs insight in which items are being delivered by the vendors. The Item Supply Planning gives insight in when the items can be expected and in case of a delay the customer can be informed about this.

Delivery Plan

Deliveries can be done directly from a Sales Order or in bulk through the Delivery worksheet. The Delivery worksheet gives insight in which customer receives which items and based on this overview delivery discussions can be made.

K3|pebblestone PDM – Measurements

With the Measurements functionality of K3|pebblestone PDM, all these points of measurement can be set up in a flexible way, with various templates and copy functions to simplify the setup. Different versions of the measurements enable you to monitor the whole process right through, from design to the final production samples.

As we continue to enhance and enrich our solution, our video library will continue to grow as well. Be sure to come back here regularly for new feature videos